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Maui County Charged With 1st Amendment Violations by Davis Levin Livingston and ACLU Hawaii

Pastor Strat Goodhue and his wife, Doreen Goodhue, were unconstitutionally ordered to leave a Maui County public sidewalk where they were distributing religious literature. Maui County is again in federal court, accused of violating the free speech rights of a

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled for Teen Kayaker on Adventure Tour

Davis Levin Livingston announced today that a successful settlement was reached late Monday night in San Francisco in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the parents of 15 year old Tyler Madoff, who disappeared after receding waves dragged Tyler out

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State Pays 4.4 million to Autistic Children Denied Educational Services

Pricey Special Needs Lesson for State By Lusy Young-Oda, Honolulu Star Advertiser Years after removal of federal court oversight of Hawaii’s education of learning-disabled students, a landmark settlement this week highlights ongoing problems — and sends a strong reminder of

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Medical Malpractice, $2.4 Million Awarded For Wife’s Brain Damage

By George Flynn HONOLULU – A federal judge in Honolulu yesterday awarded $2.4 million to a San Diego-area Navy enlisted man who sued for medical malpractice after his wife received severe brain damage while in a Hawaii military hospital in

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False Claims Act: Consumers Tool to Combat Fraud Against the Government

The Consumer Advocate Volume 6 Issue 6 November/December By Thomas Grande INTRODUCTION Consumer attorneys have traditionally focused on an array of statutory and common law causes of action which seek redress for individuals who have been financially harmed by unscrupulous

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Medical Malpractice: Family wins Tripler cancer case

Medical Malpractice News Family wins Tripler cancer case HONOLULU – A federal court judge has awarded $275,000 to the family of a man who died from cancer after treatment at Tripler Army Medical Center. Tripler doctors discovered a prostate nodule

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DISABLED: Boy’s Family gets millions

Crippled kid’s mom: “Every day I think of what might’ve been”. Her child, awarded $11.3 million in a malpractice suit, needs constant care. Jeshua Pineda-Flores is 10 1/2 years old but wears diapers because he cannot care for himself. It’ll

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Shinwha Electronics Pays $1.2 Million to Settle Qui Tam Case

By David Waite Advertiser Staff Writer Thomas Grande announced the settlement of a qui tam case against Shinwha Electronics for falsifying fire inspection records at military bases in Korea. This case is the first settlement against a foreign corporation under

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To Care for Brain-Damaged Son Navy Family to Get $15 Million, Davis Levin Livingston

By Charles Memminger HONOLULU – The family of a 10-year-old, brain-damaged boy will receive $15 million to support him during his lifetime under a special settlement with the federal government. But the government will actually have to pay only $1.6

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Big Cases and Big Honors: Attorney Mark Davis

Attorney Mark Davis becomes president of a prestigious national law organization and hopes to bring its big-name members to Hawaii By Lisa Asato Mark Davis confers with law partner Mike Livingston on a case. photo by Nathalie Walker Mark Davis

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