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Shopping for the Right Toys for Children with Cerebral Palsy

As parents around the country shop for gifts for their children, some parents will find limited choices to meet their child’s special needs. Parents of children with cerebral palsy need to shop strategically in order to buy toys that their children will not only enjoy, but also benefit from.

It’s important to select the right kind of toys for children who suffer from cerebral palsy. These toys must boost the child’s communication and social skills, enhance learning experiences, and promote positive relationships with family members, caregivers and others. An occupational therapist will have a better understanding of the child’s interests or abilities, and can help you pick out the right toys.

Some of the criteria for selecting toys for children with cerebral palsy are the same as those for any other type of toys. For instance, the toy must not have small, removable parts that can pose a potential choking hazard.

You also want to pick up toys that benefit certain areas of your child’s development. For instance, a child that struggles with eye-hand coordination could possibly benefit from simple puzzles. Aside from puzzles, there are a number of other toys that are designed for children with cerebral palsy in mind. These include laptops, electronic games, math toys, spelling games, windup toys and even video games.

However, avoid buying anything that’s too glitzy, too flashy or too noisy – these could easily overwhelm a child. Select toys based on the child’s needs, and not his age group. Any toy that is complicated to use, is only likely to frustrate a child with cerebral palsy.


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