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Metal Hip Replacements - Defective Medical Devices

Many Hawaiians have decided to fight for their rights following problems with defective medical devices such as metal hip replacements. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys are able to help with this legal dilemma, providing valuable assistance to clients who are filing claims against negligent persons and companies who designed or manufactured the defective devices. One class-action lawsuit featured prominently in the news of late was filed against the makers of the DePuy metal hip joint, which resulted in substantial benefits for plaintiffs.

Negligence Causes Harm

Negligence in design or production of medical replacements that caused personal injury to our clients is actively pursued by our law firm attorneys. Persons who have had hip replacements are the first to understand the devastating effects that occur when you discover that your hip device is defective and requires replacement. Some metal hip replacements that were recently discovered to be defective caused tremendous emotional pain and more physical suffering to Hawaiian recipients. Furthermore, these patients then need to undergo additional surgery and replacement of that defective hip joint with one that will function properly.

Pain, Suffering, and Expense

No one looks forward to surgery of this type unless they have come to the point of being unable to walk without assistance or carry on with normal lifestyle activities due to joint pain and weakness. Even then, the experience is expensive and traumatic. There are hospital and doctor bills to pay, time away from work during recovery, costly home nurse visits, and you must learn how to walk normally again. If your hip joint is later proven to be defective and requires replacement or adjustments to parts, you once again face surgery and all those related fears and costs.

Seek Justice for Personal Injury

Call us now for a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to help you get through this difficult time and seek justice from the responsible negligent persons or company. There have already been many class-action lawsuits over defective medical devices, including metal hip replacements. Manufacturers may offer to pay for additional surgery and expenses, but you still will have your own mental and psychological distress to manage. Justice, in this case, can be served through fair compensation for your pain and suffering and additional expenses. By contacting our personal injury attorneys and filing a claim, you take the first step towards justice you so deserve.

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim

There is no reason not to take advantage of a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys for problems like product defects. They can advise you about the validity of your case, investigate your accident or medical device claims, and stand with you in your fight for rights. Fees for most personal injury cases are assigned as a contingency fee, with payments required only after you received a court award or settlement. Your Hawaiian personal injury attorney can represent you in court and in settlement negotiations, so you do obtain fair compensation for your claims and justice for your injuries. Solve your legal problems now, so you can again enjoy your fabulous Hawaiian lifestyle.


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