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Emergency Room Errors

Accidents happen everywhere, even in a magnificent Hawaiian paradise location. However, when a visit to an emergency room for medical assistance results in emergency room treatment errors that harm the patient, it is time to call in one of our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys to seek justice. You need to have strong support and valuable experience on your side to obtain fair compensation for the harm that was caused by negligent behavior, lack of reasonable standard of care and other medical mistakes.

Emergency Room Treatment Errors

Heading for an emergency room means you are seeing doctors and nurses who are unfamiliar with your medical history; this alone can lead to some types of errors. Poor communication between doctors is another common point at which an error could occur. In the rush to treat injured patients, even obvious problems could be overlooked. Prescription drug interactions missed diagnoses, lab report mistakes, use of wrong equipment or a medical device defect can cause harm or death to a patient. Even a delay in treatment could cause irreparable harm that can be compensated. If medical care workers do not perform their duties up to a reasonable standard of care for emergency room services, it could make them liable for responsibility and compensation for injuries caused by their service.

Consequences from Medical Malpractice

When a medical professional or assistant commits an error that causes harm to a patient, the consequences can be dramatic and devastating. A misdiagnosis can happen during the examination of the patient, x-ray readings can involve mistakes or a pharmacy technician might misread a prescription. All of these errors can lead to adverse physical reactions or non-treatment of a condition that should require surgery or other medical intervention to prevent further damage. These are consequences that will involve additional pain and suffering and monetary costs to the patient. In some cases, death could be a result of medical malpractice in the emergency room. By having our personal injury attorneys provide legal representation, you gain valuable expertise, knowledge and you will have someone on your side to fight aggressively for your rights.

Seek Justice for Personal Injuries

Our personal injury attorneys are ready to help you sort through your treatment experience and determine the merits of making a claim to recover fair compensation for your personal injury claims. When negligence is a factor that caused harm to you, it is in your best interest to seek justice. Our personal injury lawyers are experienced with winning medical malpractice cases for clients; we have recovered millions of dollars in compensatory awards and settlements for clients.

Negligent Behavior

There is no reason why you should suffer when an emergency mistake is made. Additional medical treatment, rehabilitation therapy, home care, and other needs can add up to excessive financial stress and emotional distress. Negligent behavior, whether deliberate or accidental, is wrong. If such behavior causes harm to another person, that person can seek fair compensation for their injuries.

Hawaiians who have been harmed due to emergency room errors will find experienced personal injury attorneys at our law firm to help them obtain fair compensation. Go ahead and take that next important step towards recovery by calling our offices today; a skilled, compassionate personal injury lawyer can make the positive difference you need in your quest for justice.


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