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Honolulu Youth Services

Society as a whole loses when its young people fail. Those youth who have turned to the streets because of difficult situations at home deserve help. Likewise, anyone who is homeless or addicted to drugs needs a safe haven to get back on track.

Well, fortunately, Hawai’i has a host of organizations that serve the young population. These non-profits help secure a better future for all by protecting the youth of today.

Following are some of the top youth service providers in Honolulu. Be sure to take advantage of this information or pass it along to someone who can benefit from the knowledge.

YWCA O’ahu

This organization, founded in 1900, has a three-fold mission. It empowers young women through uplift programs, eliminates racism by teaching the value of diversity and promotes justice by fighting oppression wherever it appears.

Youth crisis counselors deal with sensitive personal problems, such as sexual abuse and homelessness, twenty-four hours a day.

The YWCA also offers academic scholarships for students who might otherwise be unable to attend college, especially those living in impoverished areas.

Honolulu Community Action Program

The Youth Services section of the Honolulu Action Program helps those 16 to 21 years of age obtain their Adult Community School Diplomas.

For a variety of reasons, some people find it difficult to attend high school. They need this sort of educational outreach to earn a diploma that will make it possible for them to find decent employment.

The location is 33 South King Street, Suite 300, Honolulu, HI 96813.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Honolulu

This fairly well-known mentoring program pairs successful members of Honolulu with young people. The overall goal is to provide a positive role model for children and young adults. These relationships often result in lifetime friendships.

Contact the group at its 418 Kuwili St. office or by phone at (808) 521-3811.

Blueprint For Change

Unfortunately, physical abuse and neglect continue to plague many Hawai’i homes. Those youth who need protection can seek help at one of the Blueprint “Neighborhood Places.” These centers offer, among many things, coaching and counseling on how to create a loving family environment.

Blueprint For Change has been around for over 20 years, ensuring the safety of at-risk children.

Student TV

The National Academy of Television fully endorses Hawai’i Student Television, proving this program is top notch. Any young person interested in a career in the entertainment industry should stop by to talk to the staff.

The hands-on experience gained working on a broadcast can prove invaluable. Hawai’i Student Television is located at 1750 Kalakaua Ave, Suite 3-826, Honolulu, HI 96814 and can be reached at (808) 671-5219.

Waikiki Health Center Youth Outreach

The Youth Outreach Program of the Waikiki Health Center is where homeless young people can turn for much needed help. The organization provides free medical and social services to all who ask.

Just drop by 415 Keoniana Street, Honolulu, HI 96815 during business hours. No appointment is necessary to be seen by a counselor or medical provider

The Connectory Network

The Connectory Network offers a series of High Tech Youth Studios where young people of Hawai’i can get experience in robotics, programming, animation and 3D engineering, among other activities. These centers want to make access to the technology of tomorrow available to all youth of today.

Coalition For a Drug Free Hawai’i

Ending substance abuse is the purpose of the Coalition for a Drug Free Hawai’i. The group provides counseling services for young people involved with drugs. Moreover, those who want more information about how to stay drug-free can also get advice here.

TeenLink Hawai’i

TeenLink Hawai’i (TLH) is a comprehensive teen referral project. The website contains links to many of the available youth social services found across Honolulu. There is also a vast array of reading material on teen empowerment.

Protecting, Educating and Supporting Our Youth

These organizations should all be applauded for their roles in keeping young people of Hawai’i out of trouble and on the road to success in life. The world is a much better place when the youth can realize their dreams.


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