Benefit Motorcycle Ride to Establish Fund in Honor of Accident Victim

Some of the biggest dangers to motorcyclists in Hawaii come from intoxicated drivers.  Alcohol clouds a person’s judgment abilities, and blurs vision.  It also affects a person’s response times, delaying reactions.  A person who is driving under the influence of alcohol is much less likely to notice a motorcycle directly front of him, let alone one that is in the vehicle’s blind spots.

What makes accidents involving motorcycles and a car being driven by intoxicated drivers even more deadly is that intoxicated motorists almost never make an attempt to stop the vehicle just before the accident.  This ensures that these are high-impact collisions that often leave motorcyclists with serious injuries.

Hawaii’s motorcyclists may be at an even greater risk from drunk drivers, because of the high rates of DUI in this state.  It’s not a secret to any Hawaii motorcycle accident lawyer that this state has a serious problem with intoxicated motorists, evident in some of the highest rates of DUI accidents in the country.

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