Hawaii 2009 Traffic Accident Statistics

Patterns can be seen in traffic statistics, which can help shed light on the most common types of crashes and whether there is an upward or downward trend. Awareness can be raised by taking a look at 2009 Hawaii crash statistics.
If you have been involved in any type of accident in Hawaii, be it a motor vehicle, pedestrian or bicycle accident, contacting an accident lawyer should be your priority, after you seek medical treatment. An accident lawyer will work to seek compensation and protect your legal rights after you have been injured in an accident.

2009 Hawaii Crash Statistics

 According to 2009 Hawaii crash statistics, there were 109 traffic crashes that resulted in fatalities.
Here is a closer look:
  • Fatal motorcycle crashes – 35.
  • Fatal passenger car crashes – 34.
  • Fatal pedestrian accidents – 16.
  • Fatal pickup truck crashes – 10.
  • Fatal utility truck crashes – 8.
  • Fatal bicycle crashes – 3.
  • Fatal large truck crashes – 2.
  • Fatal “other” crashes – 1.
When compared with the previous 4 years, motorcycle fatalities were highest in 2009. Passenger car, pickup truck and pedestrian fatalities were lowest in 2009. In fact, pedestrian fatalities have seen a significant decline, with the most occurring in 2005. There were 35 pedestrian fatalities that year.
Bicycle fatalities fluctuated from 2 to 4 during the years of 2005 up to 2009. Between 2005 and 2007, there were no fatalities that involved a large truck. In 2008, there was just one.
The 2009 Hawaii crash statistics also provide a look at the types of accidents that led to fatalities, such as:
  • Single vehicle accidents – 73 fatalities.
  • Speeding accidents – 59 fatalities.
  • Rollover accidents – 22 fatalities.
  • Alcohol-related accidents – 52 fatalities.
  • Roadway departure accidents – 58 fatalities.
  • Intersection-related accidents – 31 fatalities.
 While the most fatalities were attributed to single vehicle accidents, it’s clear that many accidents involved dangerous conditions such as speeding and alcohol impairment.
How a Lawyer Can Help
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While 2009 Hawaii crash statistics can show patterns, every accident is unique and still benefits from the attention and care of a personal injury lawyer who will take the time to evaluate your case. Contact an accident lawyer today to make sure that your claim is handled in a fair and just manner.
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