Hawaii Ignition Interlock Program Has Been Successful in Reducing Drunk Driving Accidents

Over the past 12 months, motorists in Hawaii with a DUI conviction to their credit have been required by law to get ignition interlock devices fitted in their automobiles.  Supporters of the law, which went into effect on January 1, say that the law has been a great success.

Under the law, DUI offenders in Hawaii are required to have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicle.  Close to one year since the law went into effect, 983 motorists have installed ignition interlock devices in their cars.  According to supporters of the law, the devices have prevented drivers with blood-alcohol concentration levels of .08% and above from starting the car on at least 466 separate occasions.

The success of the law is also being confirmed by the Hawaii Transportation Department which says that 3, 48 car starts have been prevented because motorists had blood-alcohol concentration levels of .02% or above.  Further, 3,282 car starts involving motorists with a blood alcohol level of between .025 and .079 have been prevented, since the law went into effect.

At least 200 car starts were prevented because motorists had blood alcohol levels of between .08 and .09.  72 car starts were prevented when the drivers had blood alcohol concentration levels of .16 or above.  These drivers had a BAC level that was exactly twice as much as the legally allowed limit.

According to officials, it’s not possible to determine exactly how many lives have been saved because of this law.  However, in 2010, there were 109 fatal car accidents in Hawaii, and 38 or 34.9% of these involved a drunk driver.  Hawaii car accident lawyers believe those numbers would likely have been higher without this law.

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