Davis Levin Livingston Charitable Foundation


The Davis Levin Livingston Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization created by the partners, attorneys and staff of Davis Levin Livingston. The firm donates a portion of its fees earned annually to the Charitable Foundation which supports the charitable activities of our community and organizations that support access to justice issues.

The Foundation invites charitable organizations to apply for financial grants as the Foundation supports numerous organizations. Among the charities actively supported by the Foundation are:

The Davis Levin First Amendment Conference, a conference held periodically in conjunction with the American Civil Liberties Union that highlights the virtues of open honest debate and First Amendment discussion.

Hawaii Public Radio The Foundation has been and continues to be an active supporter of Hawaii Public Radio.

Roscoe Pound Institute For Civil Justice The Roscoe Pound Cilvil Justice Institute is a charitable organization and academic civil justice think tank to support the preservation of the civil justice system in the United States.

LEAP (Levin Educational Access Project) LEAP is a 501(c)3 organization founded by former partner Stanley Levin to represent students who are denied educational access because of disability by the Department of Education. The organization aggressively represents children entitled to open educational access.

The Fund for Civil Justice A part of the commitment of the Davis Levin Livingston Foundation is to ensure open access to justice, it has created as “The Fund for Civil Justice” in which financial grants are made to organizations that support and seek to preserve the civil justice system and open access to justice.

For further information contact:

Davis Levin Livingston Charitable Foundation
851 Fort St Suite 400
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813