Accutane and Your Doctor’s Duty to Warn

When patients are under the care of a doctor, they trust what their doctors tell them. Doctors who advise patients of a treatment that results in injuries can be held liable for the damage they helped cause.
A doctor’s duty is to provide an expected standard of care. This duty includes warning a patient when there are risks involved with a procedure, medication or any other type of medical intervention.
If a doctor is aware of a procedure or treatment plan that presents serious risks to a patient but fails to inform them and it results in injuries to the patient, this may be a case of medical negligence.
One such example is with the acne medication Accutane. The drug has been on the market for more than 20 years, but numerous warnings have been issued over the years as to the product’s risks. If a doctor prescribes Accutane, but doesn’t tell the patient it could cause birth defects, miscarriages, stroke, depression, heart attack, and a host of other Accutane injuries, that doctor could be held liable for medical negligence.
Medical negligence is not just committing a negligent act – it can also be an act of omission, such as with prescribing Accutane and failing to mention its risks to the patient. When a doctor fails to warn you of a medication’s dangerous side effects, such as those found in Accutane, you have the right seek compensation for your injuries through a Honolulu medical malpractice claim.
An experienced Honolulu medical malpractice lawyer can examine the facts surrounding your case and help you obtain a fair and comprehensive settlement.
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