Does Accutane, the popular acne drug used extensively in Hawaii, cause ulcertaive colitis or chrones disease?

Accutane, a very popular drug in Hawaii, is the trade name for isotrentinoin, a powerful drug used to treat severe cystic acne, the kind of acne that usual acne medications are unsuccessful at treating.  Accutane is a soft gel capsule prescribed over a 15 – 20 week period.
Accutane has some very serious side effects.  First and foremost is the fact that Accutane can cause a pregnant woman to have a miscarriage, or have a baby born with birth defects.  Accutane has also been associated with psychiatric disorders such as depression, psychosis and suicide.   Another adverse side effect of accutane is inflammatory bowel disease, causing abdominal pain, rectal bleeding and diarrhea.
Generally, drug companies have a duty to warn prescribing health care providers of the known risks of a drug they are about to prescribe.  In the case of Accutane, the warning label provided by Hoffmann-La Roche may have not adequately warned prescribers of the risk of causing inflammatory bowel disease in their patients.
The discovery of Accutane’s relation to inflammatory bowel disease has been recently uncovered.  Davis Levin Livingston is actively investigating pursuing for some of its clients.  Feel free to contact the firm, if you have symptoms you believe are related to Accutane.  Contact the firm, (808) 450-3004  [email protected]
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