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This online law library is an alphabetical listing of links to legal resources on this site and online. Davis Levin Livingston does not endorse these sites, nor are the views expressed in these sites and links necessarily the views or opinions of the firm.

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ADA:  Employer Responsibilities

ADA: Employment Rights as an Individual with a Disability

ADA: Employment Questions and Answers

ADA: Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

ADA: More Information – Questions and Answers

ADA: Public Accommodations Questions and Answers

Age Discrimination, Facts About

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of1967 (PDF)

State of Alabama

Alabama State Bar, International Law Section

Alaska Supreme Court

American Arbitration Association

American Association of Law Libraries

American Bar Association

American Law and Economics Association

American Law Sources On-line

Americans with Disabilities Act, Facts About

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Titles I and V (PDF)

Arizona, Computer Integrated Courtroom in Phoenix

Arkansas Judiciary

Arkansas State Bar Association

Association of Legal Administrators – CyberChaper!


Bureau of Land Management

Bureau of National Affairs (BNA)


California State Bar Association

California, State of

California State Court Information

Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin

Case Western Reserve Law School

Chicago-Kent College of Law

Civil Rights Act, Title VII (PDF)

CivilRights Act of 1991 (PDF)

University of Cincinnati College of Law

Code of Federal Regulations

Colorado State Bar Association

Colorado State Courts

Computer Lawyer News

Computer Science Journals (Table Of Contents)

Connecticut State Legislative Guide

Cornell Law School

Cornell Law Review

Corporate Law Center

Counsel Connect Web

Counsel Quest

Tru TV

Criminal Justice Degree

CyberSpace Law Institute


Decision of the Day


Davis Levin Livingston Home Page

Davis, Mark S., Attorney Profile

State of Delaware

Department of Agriculture

Department of Commerce

Department of Defense

Department of Energy

Department of Justice

Department of Labor

Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Department of State

Department of Treasury


E-Law 3.0.1

Economics Working Paper Archive

The Electric Law Library

Electronic Green Journal

Emory University School of Law

Employment Discrimination, Facts About

Environmental Law Journal (Villanova)

Environmental Protection Agency

Equal Pay Act of 1963 (PDF)


Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Federal Communications Law Journal (Indiana Univ.)

Federal Courts, U.S.

Federal Judicial Center, The

Federal Register

Federal Rules of Evidence

Federal Sector EEO Complaint Processing Regulations

Federal Trade Commission

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Financial Executive Journal (NASDAQ) FinanceNet

The Financing Companion

FindLaw Legal Index

First Circuit Court Opinions

Florida Bar, The

Florida Law Weekly, The

Florida State University College of Law

Food and Drug Administration

Fortune 500 Search, The Fortune Magazine

Fourth Circuit Opinions


Georgetown University

Georgia Supreme Court

Government Publishing Office (GPO) Access



Hawaii State Bar Association

Hawaii Judiciary Court Opinions

Hawaii – Legal Electric

State of Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT)

State of Hawaii, Department of Health

Hawaii Board of Education (BOE)

Hawaii Department of Education

Directory of HSPLS Libraries

Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation

Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

Hawaii Division of State Parks

Hawaii State Archives

Hawaii Department of Agriculture (DOA)

State of Hawaii, Office of the Lieutenant Governor (OLG)

Hawii Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS)

Hawaii State Procurement Office (SPO)

State of Hawaii, Department of the Attorney General (AG)

State of Hawaii, Department of Budget and Finance (DFB)

State of Hawaii, Housing Finance and Development Corporation

State of Hawaii, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA)

Hawaii Real Estate Branch

Hawaii Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

Hawaii Department of Human Resources Development

Hawaii Department of Human Services

Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Hawaii Department of Public Safety

Hawaii Department of Taxation

University of Hawaii

Hawaii State Legislature

The Hawaii Judiciary

Hawaii State Government

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

On-Line Hawaii

Hawaii Internet Directory

Hawaii Digest of Tax Measures

Hawaii Legislative Reference Library

Hawaii Taxpayers Bill of Rights

An Introduction to the General Excise Tax

Hawaii – An Introduction to the Tax Clearance Procedure

Hawaii – An Introduction to the Use Tax

Hawaii – Withholding State Income Tax by Employers

Hawaii State Tax System

Hawaii Tax Facts

HighTechnology Development Corporation (HTDC)

Office Of the Governor, State of Hawaii

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Native Hawaiian Data Book

Hazardous Substances and Public Health

Hieros Gamos Law

High Technology Law Journal (Boalt Hall, Univ.of Cal. at Berkeley)

Humboldt Forum Recht, Humboldt Univ., Berlin (in German)

House of Representatives, The U.S.

The Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Idaho Judicial Branch

Illinois Criminal Justice

Illinois Attorney General

Illinois State Bar Association

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (Indiana Univ.)

Indiana Law Index

Indiana State Bar Association

Indiana University School of Law – Bloomington

Institute of Management and Administration

Intellectual Property Magazine

Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Code

International Journal of Drug Testing

International Review of the Red Cross and Annual Reports

International Trade Administration

Internet Law and Policy Forum

Internet Patent News Service

Internet Sleuth, The (LAW)

Interdisciplinary Center for Law & Information Technology

Iowa State Government


Journal of Applied Econometrics Data Archive

Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

Journal of Financial Economics, The

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Journal of Gender and the Law (Georgetown)

Journal of Gender and Law (Michigan)

Journal of Global Legal Studies (Indiana)

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

Journal of Information Law and Technology

Journal of International Law (Houston)

Journal of International Law (Stanford Univ.)

Journal of International Law and Policy (UC Davis)

Journal of International Law and Practice

Journal of Law and Information Science

Journal of Law and Religion (Hamline Law School)

Journal of Law and Technology (Harvard)

Journal of Law & Technology (Richmond Univ.)


Kansas Courts

University of Kansas Law School

Kentucky Legislative Home Page

Kentucky State Bar Association


Law Crawler

Law Journal Extra!

Law Library on the World Wide Web

Lawyer Legal Research (Law Group Network)

Legal Forms on the Net

The Legal Information Institute/Cornell Law School

Legal Resource Guide, The

Levin, Stanley E., Attorney Profile

Lexis Law

Library of Congress

Livingston, Michael K., Attorney Profile

Los Angeles County Bar Association

Louisiana Clerks of Court

Louisiana State Legislature

Louisiana Supreme Court


Maine Judiciary

Maryland State Bar Association

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Massachusetts Court System

Masters In Legal Studies – Best Master of Legal Studies Degrees

Meta Yellow Pages

Michigan State Bar Association

Michigan State Judicial Branch

Minnesota State Legislature

Missouri State Bar Association

Missouri State Supreme Court


National Archives and Records Administration

National Association of Forensic Economics

National Association of Legal Assistants

National Association of Legal Secretaries

National Bar Association

National Conference of State Legislatures

National Center for State Courts, The

National Federation of Paralegal Associations

National Institute of Justice

National Origin Discrimination, Facts About

National Telecommunication & Information Administration

New Hampshire State Supreme Court

New Jersey Judiciary

New Jersey State Bar Association

New York City, Association of the Bar

New York Court Court of Appeals

New York State Bar Association

Includes Hawaii Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

North Carolina State Supreme Court


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Ohio Office of Criminal Justice

Ohio Department of Taxation

Ohio Supreme Court


Palo Alto Bar Association

P-LAW Legal Resource Locator

Pennsylvania Court System

Practising Law Institute

Pregnancy Discrimination, Facts About

Psychiatry & the Law



Race/ColorDiscrimination, Facts About

Religious Discrimination, Facts About

Rutgers University Law School – Ackerson Law Library


St. Louis University School of Law

Seattle University Law School

SEC EDGAR Database

SEC News Digest

Seventh Circuit Court Opinions

Sexual Haraqssment, Facts About

Sixth Circuit Opinions

Social Security Administration

University of Southern California Law Center

South Carolina Judicial Branch

Sov Inform Bureau Russian site with Immigration info.

Stock Quotes From USA Today

Supreme Court of Florida, The


Tennesse Supreme Court

Tenth Circuit Court Opinions

Texas International Law Journal

Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal

Thinck Associates Legal Topics IT-Security

Trade Secrets Homepage


Includes links to the CIA and U.S. Intelligence Community:

Uniform Commercial Code (Articles 1-9 GeneralProvisions)

U.S. Code

U.S. Constitution

United States Consulate at Madras, India

United States Consulate at Osaka-Kobe, Japan

United States Copyright Office

United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.)

U.S. Federal Courts Locater

U.S. Government Printing Office

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

U. S. International Trade Commission

U.S. Postal Service

United States Senate

United States State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs

U.S. Supreme Court Database

U.S. Supreme Court Opinions

U.S. Supreme Court Rules (L.I.I.)

U.S. Treasury Department

Utah State Bar Association

Utah State Court System


Vermont Supreme Court

Villanova Environmental Law Journal, The

Villanova University School of Law

Virginia State Bar Association


Wall Street Journal

The Washington (State) Rules of Civil Procedure

Washington State Courts

Washington (State) Rules of Criminal Procedure

Washington (State) Rules of Evidence

Women’s Bureau of the Department of Labor