How is value determined for each aspect of my Hawaii personal injury claim?

Value is determined for each part of your Hawaii personal injury claim based on your accident. If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident in Hawaii caused by someone else’s negligence, you should speak with a Honolulu injury lawyer to get a better idea about the value of a claim you plan to file. Your lawyer might also be able to help you seek the necessary compensation to aid in your recovery.
Understanding the Value of a Claim after a Hawaii Accident
The value of a Hawaii personal injury claim will be based on your various losses, also referred to as damages.
Common types of damages include:
  • Medical special damages – these include bills for the ambulance, hospital or clinic, emergency room, medication, laboratory fees, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, heating pads, ointments, prosthetic appliances, chiropractic services, and/or dental work. Your medical special damages could be multiplied by 4 or 5 to compensate for your pain and suffering.
  • Non-medical special damages – these include travel expenses to your appointments for treatment, lost earnings, lost vacation time or sick leave, household help, and child care.
  • Property damage expenses -these include vehicle repairs, broken glasses or hearing aids, damaged clothing, the cost of a rental car, towing, and storage. Be sure to keep copies of all bills.
To help your Honolulu injury lawyer prepare a solid Hawaii personal injury claim, you will need to keep documentation of your out-of-pocket expenses. You should also keep all of your appointments for medical treatment to make sure your injuries are not downplayed. Additionally, you should provide evidence from your employer of your lost wages. Your Honolulu injury lawyer will help you seek all compensation to which you are entitled.
Contacting a Honolulu Injury Lawyer
After a serious accident in Honolulu, you should be able to spend your time focusing on your recovery, not dealing with insurance adjusters, never-ending paperwork and complicated legalese. Hawaii attorneys Davis Levin Livingston will fight for your rights while you focus on your healing, serving injury victims on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, Kauai and beyond. Contact us today for a free case evaluation – 1-866-806-4349.
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