What is “Legal Causation” and how can it affect my personal injury claim?

Legal causation is when you as the plaintiff in your Hawaii personal injury claim establish that the defendant was legally responsible for your injuries. This is done through presenting solid evidence that your injuries were due to the actions of the defendant.
In your Hawaii personal injury claim, you must be able to provide proof of causation, concerning both actual causation and proximate causation (legal causation). Actual causation is based on the actions that led to your injuries. Basically you need to prove that the defendant’s actions directly led to your accident and resulting injuries. Legal causation is established by showing the facts and circumstances surrounding those actions.
Legal causation can also be established if you can prove that the defendant was intentional in causing your injuries. This means the defendant purposefully engaged in actions intended to cause your injury, or knew that their actions would give rise to a hazardous situation.
If you cannot prove legal causation in your Hawaii personal injury claim your case may be denied or dismissed in court. When proving legal causation an experienced personal injury attorney can help you gather and present the necessary evidence.
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