Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Family of Michael Jackson, Again

The family of late the late pop star Michael Jackson has filed court documents to seek a new trial in a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live. A Los Angeles jury cleared the company of wrongdoing this past October. Attorneys for Jackson’s three children as well as his mother Katherine Jackson, 83, have recently filed court documents that cite insufficient evidence and misconduct of the jury among the reasons for request of a new trial.

The Loss of an Icon

Michael Jackson’s untimely death in 2009 from a drug overdose at age 50 sent shock waves around the world. An autopsy found that Jackson had overdosed on the powerful anesthetic propofol, which was given to him by his personal physician, Conrad Murray. Both Jackson’s family and his devoted fans around the globe suffered a terrible loss. Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson believes that Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray is directly responsible and has vowed to see that justice is served.

Conrad Murray has already spent two years in a Los Angeles prison for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson. Murray was convicted in 2011, but served just half of a four-year sentence. He was released under a California state plan aimed at reducing prison overcrowding. Some sources who have had contact with Murray say that he is a “delusional liar” and sociopath who only looks out for himself.

Family Turmoil

More stress was added to the Jackson family’s burden when Michael’s 15 year old daughter Paris attempted to kill herself this past June. Reports indicate that she was experiencing so much grief over her father’s death, she felt she couldn’t go on any longer. Thankfully, Paris has been recovering since then. Paris’ mother, Debbie Rowe, has also been highly critical of Dr. Murray, echoing the sentiments of Katharine and other family members.

Within the original lawsuit, it was claimed AEG had acted negligently in hiring Conrad Murray to be Jackson’s personal physician; however, this past October, the jury decided that Murray was sufficiently qualified to do the job. The verdict followed a sensational five-month trial that allowed the public to see into the private life of “The King of Pop” and hear about his final days. The attorneys of Katherine Jackson and his three children Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket said they would consider “all options” after hearing the verdict.

Persevering for Justice

The Jackson family is now officially seeking a new wrongful death trial against concert promoter AEG. A two-page court filing by Jackson family lawyers in early December cites new evidence as well, but did reveal any details.

The persistence of the Jackson family is indeed commendable. A wrongful death lawsuit is something no family should ever have to deal with once, let alone twice. Should such unfortunate circumstances ever arise in your family, there is expert help available. Contact Davis Levin Livingston for more information.

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