Why Hasn’t Hawaii Passed Parasailing Regulations?

Our state has one of the largest tourist economies in the country. Our unique culture and beautiful natural landscapes bring visitors from all across the globe. Both they and our local residents take full advantage of our natural assets by

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Ride Sharing and Car Sharing Accidents: What To Know

For generations if we wanted to get around by car, we had three options: buy one, rent one, or call a taxi. And in each of those cases, if we were involved in a car accident there was a fairly

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A New Frontier In Civil Rights: Ban the Box Legislation

Civil rights legislation has come a long way in the last fifty years. While discrimination, both overt and subtle, is still a very real problem in the United States, legislatures have taken action to protect many people who have been

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EEOC Improves Protections for Pregnant Workers

West Hawaii Today reports that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) increased protections for pregnant workers and for new mothers earlier this month. This expansion of the law is a huge victory for all parents, as well as anyone who

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Disabled People are Often Prevented from Voting

The Star Advertiser reports that disabled people are often prevented from voting. This gross violation of disability rights happens despite laws designed to prevent it. In order to combat this sort of discrimination, a person often has to pursue legal

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Police Renew Call for Caution in Wake of Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

The Star Advertiser reports that two pedestrians accidents resulted in fatalities in late June, leading to police calling for added caution on both the part of pedestrians and motorists. Both car accidents involved cars striking pedestrians who were crossing major

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Report Shows Drinking Age Law Cuts Car Accidents but Increases Underage Drinking

Thirty years ago last month then President Ronald Reagan signed the National Minimum Drinking Age Act into law. While it is up to each state to determine what the drinking age for the state will be, the National Minimum Drinking

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Mark S. Davis Named 2014 Distinguished Law Alumni by Washington University Law School

Honolulu lawyer Mark S. Davis was named 2014 distinguished law alumni by his alma mater, Washington University Law School in St. Louis.  The law school stated:  “the distinguished law alumni awards honor alumni who have obtained distinction in their professional

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Child’s Dentist May Be Found Guilty of Wrongful Death

When we go to a dentist for a painful tooth or we take our children, we expect a certain level of care. Such was the case for the parents of three year old Hawaii toddler. At a local dental clinic

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Are You at Risk of Losing Your Job over Medical Marijuana Use?

During the last few years, there have been a number of legal changes that affect the work environment. The Equality Act, enacted in 2010, is one of the changes that you should be aware of because it may apply to

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