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Hawaii Tourists Victims of Crime in Paradise


Should Hawaii tourists be concerned about crime in paradise?

In Hawaii, criminals often target tourists for crime. While you’re on vacation, take these simple steps to avoid being the next victim:


Copy all your credit cards, debit cards, airline tickets, front, and back.

Jot down the phone numbers needed to cancel credit cards and debit cards and store the numbers in different suitcases.


As soon as you check in, get two business cards with the hotel’s name and address. Place one in your room by the phone if you need to make an emergency call when you’re rattled, and carry the other with you.

Observe the passengers in all elevators before you get in. Do not worry about appearing rude if you want to catch the next one.

Always stay near the elevator control panel so that you can push floor buttons in an emergency.

Locate the nearest fire exit. Count the doors necessary to reach it. Write down the number on the back of the hotel business card. If you have to find the exit in a smoke-filled corridor, you’ll need to count doors.

Make sure that your room has a deadbolt or safety bar and a peephole in the door. Use them.

If your room has an adjoining door, ensure that it is locked and that you control the lock.


If you plan to leave credit cards in the room, seal them in an envelope first, to ensure that hotel staff is not exposed to the numbers.

Use the hotel safe for valuables. Most Hawaii hotels have some hotel safe either in the room or at the front desk.

Carry a cellular telephone with you at all times, especially when you might be alone, such as in a restroom.

If attacked, consider screaming “FIRE” rather than “HELP.” People are often less ambivalent about rendering assistance when they hear “FIRE.”

Most importantly, stay aware and alert. Criminals count on tourists being off guard and in unfamiliar surroundings when they commit their crimes.

Davis Levin Livingston has been counsel for many visitors who are the victims of crimes at shopping centers, hotels, recreational facilities. Feel free to contact us if we can provide further resources to ensure your trip to beautiful Hawaii is safe.(808) 740-0633.


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