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For over 40 years, the team of Hawaii lawyers at Davis Levin Livingston has fought for clients across the Islands in a range of medical malpractice and injury-related matters. They have set a number of litigation benchmarks with their verdicts and settlements, including the highest malpractice judgment against a military hospital in U.S. history and the highest single compensatory personal injury judgment in Hawaii against Kamehameha School. For Davis Levin Livingston, their case results are a direct example of how they have improved the lives of their clients. They know what a difference fair compensation can make in your case, and they will fight for the results you need.

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  • $104,000,000 Child Sex Abuse

    Davis Levin Livingston is proud to announce that it helped victims of abuse obtain a $104 million settlement against Kamehameha School. The school has decided to settle with the victims in this ground-breaking settlement and case.

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  • $40,000,000 Child Sex Abuse

    The Circuit Court of First Circuit has awarded $40 million in damages to a brave survivor identified as "N.D.," who was a victim of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Kenneth L. Apana, an elder of the Makaha congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • $36,000,000 Commercial Litigation

    A Honolulu jury awarded over $36 million to a businessman who said he was cut out of a deal to purchase one of the largest lumber suppliers in Hawaii.

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  • $29,400,000 Medical Malpractice
    Tripler Army Medical Center physicians failed to order the test that would have shown a twisted gut in a 1-month-old baby, resulting in the death of 95% of the baby’s small intestine and life-long disability.
  • $15,400,000 Wrongful Death

    The state has agreed to pay $15.4 million to settle a civil lawsuit filed by the families of two hikers who fell to their deaths on a Kauai hiking trail in 2006.

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  • $15,000,000 Vacuum/Forceps Injury

    Hospital improperly attempted to deliver a post-date baby via a traumatic second stage vacuum extraction. The extraction and delay in delivery resulted in permanent brain damage.

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  • $12,500,000 Fetal Distress

    Tripler Army Medical Center staff failed to respond properly to repeated cardiac alarms causing a two-month-old infant to suffer a cardiac arrest and prolonged oxygen deprivation, resulting in permanent brain damage. A $12,500,000 judgment was obtained after trial and two appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • $11,000,000 C-Section Errors

    Tripler Army Medical Center physicians failed to respond properly to signs of fetal distress, resulting in a delayed c-section. At birth, the baby was unable to breathe, and required intubation. The breathing tube was incorrectly placed in the baby’s esophagus instead of her trachea. These two medical errors combined to cause the baby to suffer an extended period of oxygen deprivation, which caused severe brain damage. An $11,000,000 settlement was obtained just before trial.

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  • $9,975,000 Brain Injury

    Hospital’s failure to monitor an infant’s rising bilirubin caused the baby to suffer bilirubin encephalopathy and kernicterus, resulting in severe and permanent brain damage. A $9,975,000 settlement was obtained.

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