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Hiring an Appropriate Attorney for Whistleblower Cases


Informing the appropriate authorities about misconduct, fraud or any other illegal acts that take place within a company or organization is sometimes a necessity. The worry that may arise when you tell the authorities is that your employer or the accused individual may retaliate for your whistleblowing. When you are worried about retaliation or you have faced retaliation, it may be time to hire an attorney.

Set up a Consultation

Before you take any steps to hire an attorney, set up a consultation to ask questions. Even though an attorney may offer personal injury services, their area of expertise might not relate to whistleblowing. Davis Levin Livingston has been at the forefront of litigation aimed at protecting those courageous individuals who report government wrongdoing and are penalized for speaking out.

Ask About Experience

Ask questions relating to experience. Find out about the total number of years that the lawyer has been working and the number of cases related to whistleblowing . If you discover that the attorney does not have much experience, then ask about the experience of the entire firm. A law firm may have more than one attorney who works on whistleblowing cases.

Discuss Their Expertise

Experience and expertise are two different categories. Expertise relates to the type of cases that are primarily provided by an attorney. Ask about the attorney’s expertise and knowledge regarding their cases. An attorney who excels in personal injury cases that relate to businesses, organizations or corporations has the expertise to handle whistleblowing cases.

Explain Your Case

When you are not sure if you have a case, explain the situation and find out what the attorney suggests. Simply telling the authorities about illegal or fraudulent actions may not necessarily mean that you have a court case or that you need an attorney. If you are fired, face harassmentor have other problems that directly stem from your report, then it may be necessary to work with an attorney.

If you are unsure about whether you have a case or not, then an attorney may be able to help you clarify the specific laws that may apply to your specific situation.

Evaluate Your Reaction to the Attorney

Although the primary concerns related to finding an appropriate attorney should focus on experience and qualifications, do not ignore your gut feelings. If you feel that the lawyer is rude, upsetting or unable to connect with your concerns, then it may be necessary to look elsewhere for legal assistance.

The first attorney is not always the best one for your needs, particularly if an attorney is making you uncomfortable or makes you feel that you are overreacting. The best attorneys will recognize that you may be afraid of the potential consequences or reactions of your employer and will help you understand the laws that are related to your situation.

Alerting the authorities to fraud, illegal activities or similar problems within a business or organization can draw an employer’s attention to you. Working with the right attorneys will provide the confidence to move forward with your claim and make a difference in your place of work.