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Davis Levin Livingston Files “Window Fall” Case Against Maui Condo Resulting in Tragic Injuries to 12 year Old Girl


Property owners must construct and maintain safe environments for renters and visitors, otherwise their negligence could have destructive, even catastrophic, consequences. This was, unfortunately, the case with one 12-year-old girl who fell from a Maui condo and became paralyzed.

While on vacation, the young girl was staying with her family on the 6th floor of the Kauhale Makai condo when her bed on rollers moved towards the screened window.  She rolled from the bed through the screen of the window, falling 6 stories from the Kihei condo. She suffered serious injuries and became paralyzed as a result.

Davis Levin Livingston Attorneys Mark Davis and Mali Fenton are representing the young girl and her family as they pursue legal action against the negligent property owner. In an interview about the incident, Attorney Davis told Hawaii News Now that roughly 80 people are injured in falls from windows each year in Hawaii alone, which is nearly double the national average.

This begs the question—why is this issue so prevalent in Hawaii? As a popular vacation spot, many owners rent out their condos, apartments, and houses to the masses, they often rely on cheap, ineffective methods to prevent accidents like this. However, because these preventative measures are so poorly done, these types of incidents, like falls from windows, continue to occur, injuring children, adults, visitors, and residents alike.

In Attorney Davis’ own words, “We hope that one of the outcomes of this case is […] a notice, loud and clear, to all of the vacation rentals [and] all the hotels that this is a problem.”

Our firm is passionate about advocating for the rights of the wrongfully injured, and we know what it takes to stand up against negligent property owners when it matters most.

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