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Fraudulent and false billings by health care providers costs consumers almost $100 billion each year. The Medicare system alone loses over $30 billion to billings for medical services which, for example, were not provided, or which were billed twice, or which were improperly charged.

Davis Levin Livingston has made a commitment to Help Stop Fraud by pursuing state and national initiatives to recover monies fraudulently billed to government healthcare programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid and Tri-Care.

Filing a False Claims Act

A person who is aware of fraudulent health care billings, known as a relator, files a claim under the Federal False Claims Act under seal. The case is filed on behalf of the United States, which is given an opportunity to intervene in the case. Government intervention in False Claims Act cases is often critical to successful resolution.

Because the action is filed on behalf of the Government, these types of actions are often called qui tam actions. These cases may be brought by anyone with knowledge of the fraud, including health care administrators, doctors, nurses and patients. Often, an employee with knowledge of the fraud blows the whistle on the wrongdoer.

Qui Tam Cases

Davis Levin Livingston partners its qui tam cases with other attorneys both in Hawaii and across the country. The firm obtained the highest Medicare fraud settlement in Honolulu and is working with both private attorneys and public interest groups to help stop fraudulent health care billings which are threatening the very existence of our government health care systems.

Persons with knowledge of health care fraud are encouraged to Help Stop Fraud by emailing or telephoning our office. Click at left if you wish to send a confidential email to us to join us in the fight to Help Stop Fraud.

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