General Health Care Litigation

Litigation within the health care industry can involve medical malpractice, trying to get a health insurance company to pay for services, or even insurance fraud cases. With experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, in general, health care litigation, we are ready to talk with you about any issues you are having within the health care industry.

Proving Negligence in a Medical Malpractice Case

Negligence can be difficult to prove within a health care setting. When a physician or other treatment provider acts within the normal limits of behavior, they are generally found not negligent. This means that if ten other physicians encountered the same set of symptoms, it is likely that each of these physicians would act in the same way. Just because a patient becomes more ill after attempted treatment, this does not mean that the treating physician is automatically liable.

To prove there was an injury because of negligence, their first must be an injury. Even if a patient receives the wrong medication because a nurse wasn’t paying attention, if the wrong medication caused no harm to the patient, there is no cause for a personal injury claim to be filed.

When an Insurance Company Won’t Pay

As an individual, it is possible that you need medical treatment that your insurance company is refusing to pay for. We help patients get the treatment that they need, by working with the insurance company to get your treatment covered. When the insurance company won’t come to a settlement, it’s possible to get involved in litigation to settle the matter. If you need live saving treatment and can’t get your insurance company to approve it, it’s time to sit down and meet with an attorney that can discuss your case with you.

For health care providers, getting stuck with unpaid medical bills can put a medical practice in financial crisis. If you are a health care provider who is not being paid for services rendered, we can help. We work with insurance companies to try and get medical bills paid per the coverage guidelines of the patient treated.

Fraud is Everywhere in the Health Care Industry

If you believe your health care provider has been behaving in a fraudulent manner, if you have noticed claims for services that were not rendered on your benefits statement, we can work with you. We have worked with people who want to come forward about insurance fraud, whether they are a patient or an employee within an office. When you believe your doctor or employer is not being truthful in their billing, you can meet with an attorney at our office to discuss your concerns.

Health Care Facility Compliance Assistance

If you are a health care facility facing litigation because of a lack of compliance, we have the skills you need to get your facility back on track. Compliance can be a complex matter, and we work closely with administrators of your facility to figure out where the lack of compliance lies. Responding to claims of a lack of compliance is the best way for you and your facility is the best way to fight off potential litigation.

When your facility already has pending litigation against it, we work closely with compliance agencies to try and work out a settlement without having to go to trial. If you are ready to get your facility in compliance with all regulations and you want to avoid a trial, we will work hard to get you out of the legal mess that has been created so that you can get back to running your facility.

With the complexities of litigation within the health care industry, it’s important to work with a law firm that has experience in handling all types of matters that crop up in the field. From fraudulent insurance practices to issues with compliance, we will work closely with you to determine how we can help you work through the litigation issues you are facing.

When you are ready to meet with our attorneys, give us a call to set up your free consultation. Together we will work out a plan to help you get back to business.