Risk Factors for Erb's Palsy

There are certain risk factors that could result in the delivery of a baby with Erb’s Palsy.

  • prior delivery of a child with shoulder dystocia;
  • mothers who were administered the drugs Pitocin, Cytotec or Cervadil (to speed up or induce labor);
  • mothers with diabetes, whether Type 2 or gestational, as diabetes can result in larger than normal babies;
  • mothers with a small pelvis or pelvic opening;
  • babies weighing more than 8.5 pounds at birth;
  • prolonged labor;
  • babies in the breech position;
  • precipitous deliveries (labor lasting less than 3 hours); and
  • fetal malposition in the birth canal (abnormal positions that are not necessarily a breech position).

In many cases, Erb’s Palsy is preventable. For example, if the baby is larger than normal, a Cesarean birth could be an option. If the mother has diabetes, her blood sugar should be monitored vigilantly. The mother should be given a thorough explanation of how dietary habits can affect blood sugar and lead to a larger than normal baby.

If you believe your medical team’s negligence contributed to your baby being born with Erb’s Palsy, you should contact a birth injury attorney to discuss filing an injury claim to seek compensation.

After a serious birth injury, you should be able to spend your time focusing on your child’s recovery, not dealing with insurance adjusters, never-ending paperwork and complicated legalese.


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