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Injured While Visiting Hawaii


Tourists flock to Hawaii each year to enjoy the famous and unique beauty and charm. Most tourists have a great vacation while in Hawaii, but occasionally a tourist is unfortunately injured. At times the injury is so severe that the tourist requires legal representation.

Personal injury cases can be complex in situations involving out of town tourists injuries. As a result, the injured party should seek Hawaii counsel. A Hawaii licensed attorney will know the relevant Hawaii laws. Since the tourist has a resident state but was injured in a different state, multiple states are necessarily involved. Thus, a host of issues can arise in the interaction between Hawaiian insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and doctors, with out-of-state companies and medical personnel.

In these type of multi-state cases, complex conflicting state laws can cause additional complications. For example, Hawaii laws may require insurance coverage that conflicts with out of state laws. Hawaii also has a no-fault law, which may limit reimbursement to out-of-state doctors, which may conflict with the other state’s laws. An attorney skilled in handling personal injury cases with out-of-state victims is needed to sort out the complex issues. An attorney can advise you on receiving medical care in your home state and the billing process.

Tourist injuries can occur in a variety of situations. Since tourists are not familiar with the area or its activities, tourists have a greater chance of being injured in Hawaii than do natives local to the area. A variety of leisure activities can cause injuries to tourists, along with everyday activity including motor vehicle accidents.

Hawaii’s motor vehicle accident laws are also unique. As aforementioned, Hawaii is a no-fault state. As a result, accident victims cannot always bring a claim against a driver, even if the driver was negligent. No-fault means negligence of the parties is generally not considered. An attorney can help determine whether you have a case and the best way to pursue just compensation due to you.