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Prolapsed Umbilical Cord Injuries Can Be Prevented


The umbilical cord is a tube-like structure that connects the fetus to the mother during pregnancy. The tube is a flexible texture, which transports nutrients to the baby and carries away its wastes. It is the baby’s lifeline. After the fetus is born, the umbilical cord must be cut. The tradition is to have the father get involved with the pregnancy process by cutting the umbilical cord.

Umbilical cord prolapse is the process when the umbilical cord can slip through the cervix, preceding the baby into the birth canal. The cord can become trapped against the baby’s body during the delivery. It can also start protruding out of the mother’s vagina, dangerously subjecting the baby to a blood flow that becomes blocked or stopped.

Common causes of a prolapsed umbilical cord include, but are not limited to, premature delivery of the baby, delivering more than one baby per pregnancy, excessive amniotic fluid, breech delivery which occurs when the baby comes through the birth canal feet first, and an umbilical cord that is longer than usual. Many of the aforementioned causes can be anticipated with proper prenatal care and monitoring. Many of the causes like an umbilical cord that is visible or palpable inside the cervix, slowing of fetal heart rate between contractions, and fetal distress due to compression of the cord, can be preventable.

Medical professionals should observe all warning signs that could affect the delivery of a baby. It is their duty as professionals to do so. If medical professionals fail to observe the warning signs and proscribe the appropriate treatment, they may be held liable for negligence and the family of the injured baby can recover in a court of law.

Birth injury cases can get very complex. There is extensive medical terminology and processes involved. This is why it is important to hire an experienced and qualified birth injury attorney familiar with the laws of the field. An experienced attorney will also have the proper resources to utilize the appropriate medical professionals to help build a successful birth injury case.