Fatal Moped Crash Shuts Down Kalanianaole Highway

Thanks to Hawaii’s picturesque landscape and ideal temperatures, riding mopeds has become a popular tourist attraction. Unfortunately, for one tourist, his joyride didn’t end pleasantly.

What happened?

According to the Honolulu Police, the June incident occurred around noon. Lt. Robert Town of HPD’s traffic division shares the details below:

“The tourist, who was on a rented moped, was riding down Kalanianaole Highway, which is near Alan Davis Beach, headed toward Hawaii Kai when he crossed over the center line and collided head-on into a motorcycle.”

The result of the accident left the tourist on the moped dead and two people on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in critical condition. To investigate the accident, authorities had to close Kalanianaole Highway until around 3:30 that afternoon.

What to do if you are in a moped or motorcycle accident:

The story outlined above had a tragic ending. Thankfully, many accidents are not so severe. Therefore, most people will need to know what they should do in a practical sense after a minor moped or motorcycle accident. Read below to find out what those steps are:

  • Make sure everyone involved is out of danger and that police and medical help have been summoned.
  • Acquire each drivers’ full name who were involved in the accident.
  • Make sure to get the driver’s license numbers, addresses and insurance information of the other drivers involved.
  • Be sure to note whether or not other drivers seem inebriated. If you suspect anyone involved in the wreck was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you need to report that to the authorities as soon as possible.
  • Acquire the full names and addresses of any passengers in any of the vehicles.
  • Get the full names and addresses of any pedestrians or involved parties who witnessed the accident.
  • Take a few pictures of the wreck damage or any injuries with your phone’s camera.

Other aspects to note:

In addition to those points listed above, it is wise to note the following aspects surrounding your accident as this will help you convey details to authorities:

  • What direction were the vehicles traveling?
  • What time of day did the accident occur?
  • What was the exact location of the accident?
  • Was there anything wrong with any of the vehicles at the time of the accident, such as a busted headlight?
  • What was damaged on the vehicles in the accident?
  • Did anyone accept responsibility for the accident?

The most important step to take after an accident is obviously to get yourself medical help if needed. However, if the crash is minor enough that you are sure you have no pressing injuries, taking care of the above elements will help you if you have to bring your case to court. Sometimes, insurance companies do not want to pay what they owe, which leaves victims without the means to recover from an accident. Therefore, knowing what to do after an accident can be the difference between a successful claim and a low payout.

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