Honolulu Youth Services

Society as a whole loses when its young people fail. Those youth who have turned to the streets because of difficult situations at home deserve help. Likewise, anyone who is homeless or addicted to drugs needs a safe haven to

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Hawai’i Crosswalk Laws

You may think choosing to cross at an official crosswalk will keep you safe from an accident on Hawaii’s busy roadways, but we have one of the worst records in the nation for pedestrian accidents and fatalities.  According to the

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Kalalau Trail Deaths and Hawaii’s Liability

The Kalalau Trail on the Island of Kauai is one of the most well-known trails in the entire state. Although many hikers seek out this trail for excitement, it is also known for its difficult terrain and high level of

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Decreased Use of Child Seats in Hawai’i Troubling

Studies have shown that compliance with Hawaii’s child restraint law is dropping. Unfortunately, this leads to an increased risk of injury for children all over the state. In addition, because child restraints are required by law, drivers who do not

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Dangerous Roads of Maui

With its stunning vistas, Maui serves as a vacation paradise for millions of visitors each year. But the trip of a lifetime can turn tragic for those who fall prey to Maui’s extremely dangerous roads. Among the scariest roads in

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Is the Hawai’i Bike Share Initiative a Recipe for Disaster?

A new bike-sharing initiative is gearing up in Honolulu, and organizers say it will help reduce traffic woes, encourage physical fitness, boost retail business and cut dependence on fossil fuels. Cycling can be a dangerous way to travel in the

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Hawaii’s Most Viral Stories of 2015

Hawaii, which gained its statehood in 1959 and is also known as the “Aloha State”, is a state both rich in tradition and revolutionary when it comes to dealing with modern issues. The following are the most shared stories to

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Insurance Won’t Pay or Cover your Car Accident? Here’s What to do Next

The initial car accident is bad enough, leaving you in pain and possibly without transportation, so having your claim denied is like being victimized all over again. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and your insurance company refuses

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Pedestrian Safety in Hawaii

Hawaii is a state that draws in a substantial amount of tourists each year, many of which choose to walk to get from restaurants to beaches to hotels and beyond. Combined with the increasing resident population, the streets are often

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August is Pedestrian Safety Month in Hawaii

As August begins the state of Hawaii will celebrate the sixth annual Pedestrian Safety Month. Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. to celebrate a Pedestrian Safety Month. But, while the state’s observance of pedestrian safety issues is positive,

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