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birth-injury-attorneysWhen your newborn child sustains a birth injury, it can be devastating – especially when you realize that the injury was preventable. Our firm is here to help you pursue legal action against irresponsible medical providers. You may not be able to take the injury back, but you can get the compensation you need to help care for your child.

Birth injury cases can be incredibly complex, and require a level of understanding of the medical field that not everyone possesses. Having helped numerous victims of medical malpractice and birth injuries, we know what it takes to build a successful case. The battle may not be easy, but we have the skills necessary to get the job done.

Types of Birth Injuries

Infants are vulnerable by nature, but it is during the birth process that the majority of birth injuries occur. Either through poor judgment on the part of a doctor or nurse, harmful hospital policies or other reasons, your child can sustain serious injuries entering the world. Some types of birth injuries include:

Cerebral palsy
Collarbone or clavicle injuries or breakage
Shoulder dystocia
Brachial Plexus
Erb’s palsy
Placenta Previa
Nerve injuries

Any of these injuries will permanently alter the course of your child’s life, and will often require significant amounts of money to provide ongoing medical treatment. Even a slight spinal injury may be enough to keep a child from ever reaching his or her full potential, much less a neurological disorder like cerebral palsy.

Birth Trauma

When a doctor or other medical provider injures a patient through negligence, it is considered medical malpractice. They failed to observe the standard of care – the basic rules that ensure the safety of their patients. When medical providers take on the job of caring for others, they commit themselves to providing adequate care to all patients. Unfortunately, not all doctors are as attentive to their duties as they should be.

While everyone has bad days at work, there are some jobs where you cannot afford to make a mistake – delivery of children being one of them. When a doctor or nurse fails to do his or her job correctly, and your child suffers as a result, taking legal action is the only reasonable response.

Our firm understands that pursuing a medical malpractice case will never take back what happened. What it will do, however, is ensure that you have the money you need to cover a lifetime of medical bills, and that those responsible never make the same mistake again.

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