Honolulu Construction Claims and Lawsuit Attorneys

Davis Levin Livingston concentrates its construction law practice on exclusively representing homeowners and community associations on a class and group basis in disputes with developers, contractors, real estate agents and product manufacturers. We do not represent defendants who have been the cause of construction problems and only represent homeowners and community associations who have claims for construction defects at their homes.

Davis Levin Livingston has had unequaled success in prosecuting and resolving complex, multiparty construction lawsuits. Among the firm’s recent successes have been:

• Recovery of over $ 2 million on behalf of residents of the Villages of Kapolei who had property damage and physical injury as a result of severe dust inundation in an adjacent construction site. The case was one of the few personal injury class actions ever certified in Hawaii. (see article)

• Recovery of over $1 million for homeowners with slab cracking problems as a result of expansive soil problems.

• Representing and settling for a confidential amount the claims of over 100 individual homeowners in a group action for siding, garage door and slab cracking defects.

Our current cases are at the cutting edge of construction industry law in our attempt to assist homeowners who have purchased defectively constructed homes. These cases include the assertion of new causes of action – like attempting to get compensation for the diminished value of a defectively constructed home which has been repaired.

Davis Levin Livingston has assembled a team of construction experts — architects, engineers and inspectors — to investigate and resolve any type of construction defect. After meeting with you to get an understanding of the nature of your problem, we will coordinate complete investigation of your problem by the best-qualified experts from Hawaii and the Mainland.

Unlike virtually all other law firms doing construction law on behalf of consumers, Davis Levin Livingston will represent homeowners and community associations on a contingency fee basis. Our firm is committed to ensuring that the victims of unscrupulous developers and contractors are compensated for their construction problems.

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