Hawai’i Premises Liability Cases and Information

Dangers of Hawaii’s Stairway to Heaven

Approximately 150 people a week illegally climb the Haiku Stairs, also known as the Stairway to Heaven. Located on Oahu, the 3,992 steep steps lead to a now defunct radio tower that sits atop Puu Keahiakahoe in the Ko’olau mountain

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Dangers and Liability of Hawaii’s Public Lands and Trails

Although most are not aware of it, the state of Hawaii is liable for injuries sustained on public land. The liability even extends to publicly owned trails where people walk, run, bike and perform other activities that require significant physical

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Inadequate Security and Premises Liability Laws

While most people automatically associated premise liability with slip and fall accidents, there are a number of other personal injuries that occur as a result of negligence on the part of a tenant or a property owner. Everyone has a

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Enjoy Swimming Pools but Watch Out for Slippery Surfaces

Swimming pools can be enjoyed 365 days a year with Hawaii’s spectacular weather. Whether indoor or outdoor, swimming pools and hot tubs offer great family fun as well as healthy exercise. While enjoying the pool, remember that the area around

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Americans with Disabilities Act and Slip and Fall Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to damages from the responsible party. In such cases, hiring a qualified personal injury attorney can help you win in court and get the money you

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Wet Floor – Watch out. Most Common accident areas

Approximately 25,000 people are injured every day in the United States by slipping and falling. Seventy percent of these accidents occur when a person falls on a flat surface. There are many causes, such as tripping over a carpet or

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Who is At Fault for Honolulu Surfing Accidents?

For many people, it’s a dream to go on vacation somewhere near the ocean. And for a lot of those people, the next logical move is to go surfing. But surfing isn’t easy, and it isn’t always safe. Besides dramatic

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Common Injuries That Happen at a Hotel

Hotel stays are supposed to be relaxing experiences, where you pay hotel staff to take care of the mundane issues of your stay while you enjoy a vacation or a business trip. No one expects to be injured while staying

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High-Rise Condominium Association Negligence

When you choose to visit Hawaii for your vacation, you are likely to spend some of that time in your hotel. Most people do not even think about their vacation being disrupted by an accident or serious injury. Unfortunately, mishaps do occur quite frequently in resorts and hotels. If an accident does occur on the property of a resort or a hotel, it needs to be determined whether the resort or hotel is responsible for the accident.

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Premises Liability in Hawaii




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When individuals or businesses own or rent property like buildings, homes, stores, or apartments, landowners are required to keep land in their possession and control in a reasonably safe condition.  This maintenance duty, owed to visitors, includes the duty to take reasonable steps to secure common areas against foreseeable criminal acts of third parties that are likely to occur in the absence of precautionary measures.  For example, if there are many physical attacks in a parking lot next to a movie theater, the movie theater owner may be responsible for losses to victims of the attacks.

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