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Idyllic Vacations Can Sour After Medical Malpractice


As the old song said, “your bags were packed and you were ready to go.” In fact, you have been anticipating this Hawaiian vacation for more than five months now. Ever since you first put in for the time off at work you have been fantasying about luaus and leis. As you begin your descent into Honolulu International Airport, you can see Molokai to your left and the Pacific Ocean stretching off into infinity. Your dream vacation is starting and you are unsure of which waterborne sport you are going to learn to master first. Deep sea fishing is high on your list, but scuba is running a close second.

Sadly, playing on the edge is risky and if something goes wrong you are relying on expert medical care to get you through that medical emergency. Perhaps equally sad is the fact that you don’t always get that quality of care, and when a case of malpractice occurs, you need to get competent legal representation to secure your rights.

The Thrill of Dangerous Activities

An idyllic vacation can turn tragic in a heartbeat. As those who live on an island learn, the surrounding ocean is a cruel taskmaster as well as an aquatic wonderland of fun, and when the two collide disaster is waiting behind that next wave.

Indeed, a report released by the Hawaii State Department of Heath cited drowning as a leading cause of death for inland residents. When you factor in tourist related deaths, Hawaii’s drowning fatalities lead the nation by the numbers.

Sitting poolside, snorkeling, scuba diving, and water skiing are all a must-do on any Hawaiian excursion however; being aware of your surroundings and water conditions, at all times, will help avoid a serious mishap.

When avoidance is impossible and injuries occur, seeking out qualified medical attention is a must. Should the medical treatment you received not prove qualified, then it is time to seek out qualified legal representation.

The Devastation of Medical Malpractice

When doctors botch a treatment lives are ruined. Although malpractice numbers in Hawaii have dropped in recent years, they are still the 14th highest state when it comes to paying out medical malpractice insurance claims.

Mistakes happen. When a doctor makes a mistake it has the potential to take a huge toll on the victim and their families. Ensuring justice to you or your family is important in the wake of a physician-related error.

Have Experts on Your Team

Medical malpractice claims are extremely complicated and drawn out affairs that are expensive to prosecute. You need an expert in the field of malpractice litigation to make a dent in the legal phalanx that protects the doctor and hospital.

The Law Offices of Davis Levin Livingston are staffed with experts in the field of medical malpractice litigation and has an impressive record of successes that include:

  • A recent $11.3 million settlement against a local military hospital
  • A $15 million judgment for a woman who became brain damaged due to surgical negligence

When the stakes are high, Davis Levin Livingston has the breadth of experience, and knowledge of the law, to see you and your family through the rough legal hurdles that are to come. Contact us for a free consultation.