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Ways Medical Negligence Causes Injury


Every time you put yourself or a loved one in the care of a health care professional, you are taking a leap of faith. Years of training and experience is designed to give doctors, nurses, and other providers the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose a myriad of treatments and inform patients of steps they must take to alleviate them. Sometimes the doctors and nurses continue to stay involved, administering medications or performing surgical procedures.

Medical science is not perfect, and not everyone who goes to the doctor is going to come out as good as new. However, there are many medical mistakes and instances of negligence by individuals or teams of providers that could have been avoided if providers hadn’t missed something important in the course of a patient’s treatment. Here are just five injuries that are often caused by medical negligence.

Operating in the Wrong Place

Every operation order has specific instructions involving the precise location of the procedure, but in several instances, doctors have mistaking operating on the wrong body part, the wrong side of the body, and even the wrong patient. As a result, patients can experience additional health problems throughout their lives both because a needed operation is delayed, and because an unnecessary one has occurred.

Inadequate Monitoring of Labor/Delivery

Childbirth is a complex occurrence, and although things usually go smoothly, there is a lot that can go wrong. The mother’s vital signs need to be watched and appropriate action needs to be taken when required. Fetal stress also needs to be handled properly. Brain damage or broken or dislocated limbs can result from failing to react, or reacting in the wrong way.

Administering Incorrect Dosages of Medications

There are a number of reasons why patients receive the wrong dosage of medications. Illegible handwriting can lead nurses to read the wrong dosage, or medications of different doses might be stored close to one another. The physician could also misjudge the appropriate dosage. Hospital equipment can also fail to function, leading to medication entering the body too fast or too slow.

Neglect of Bedridden Patients

When a patient has to spend a lot of time in bed with little movement, they are at risk of developing pressure sores. This type of injury often occurs in nursing homes but can happen in hospitals as well. If not treated properly these sores can also become infected

Anesthesia Errors

When a person is given anesthesia, they must get the right amount and their level of consciousness needs to be closely monitored throughout an operation. Mismanagement of anesthesia can result in the lack of oxygen and can cause damage to the brain, heart, or spinal cord which could mean paralysis. In some cases, patients can become comatose and lose cognitive or bodily function.

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