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Brain Injuries Caused by Football

Sports are the source of great joy and entertainment both for those who play them and for those who watch them being played well. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable sports is football. Countless hours have been spent in backyard pickup games, and many kids have grown up dreaming of becoming part of the National Football League. A handful of those kids have shown the skill and promise necessary to become professional NFL football players.

Personality Changes and Risk of Suicide

But for many NFL players and their families, the story of their careers isn’t all romantic, in fact, it’s tragic. Recently, concern arose from the suicides of former NFL football players who experienced serious changes in their personality and mental health state that led to their suicides. By investigating the link between these players football careers and the changes they experienced a frightening condition was revealed, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE.) CTE is a brain injury brought on by repeated concussions that are common to players of contacts sports, such as football. Various adverse personality changes have been linked to CTE including

  • Severe anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Increased aggression
  • Self-destructive or violent behavior

With these types of characteristics, players suffering from CTE or other sports-related brain injuries are not only not themselves but have the potential to cause harm to themselves and those close to them.

CTE lawsuits are in the news today largely because the families of former NFL players have dared to ask some difficult questions, and there has been some effort to improve safety measures and make advances in the manufacturing of football helmets. However, too much damage has already been done, and families believe that the NFL was aware of the potential of brain injury to players. Despite this awareness, families allege that the NFL not only concealed their knowledge from the players but actively marketed the more brutal aspects of the sport and encouraged players to engage in dangerous behaviors.

Cost of Injuries

In addition to wrongful death cases, additional suits are being filed against both the NFL and many helmet manufacturers for fraud and negligence.

While the cases of CTE are most prevalent in former NFL players, the potential for the disorder or other brain injuries are present for anyone who has engaged in contact sports. Families that believe that preventable sports injuries played a role in their loved one’s death are advised to speak to a wrongful death attorney in order to set the record straight about the circumstances of their family member’s death and to receive help for their loss for costs related to

  • Medical expenses
  • Financial costs of the event
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Pain and Suffering

Getting Help

Getting help for these expenses can never fully make up for losing someone you love, or for the experience of watching them change and suffer because of their injury. But taking a stand is an important step that makes a real difference and can keep families from having to face financial difficulties and turmoil on top of the pain they have already experienced.

If someone in your family has experienced this or another type of sports injury that could have contributed to their death talking to a wrongful death attorney is an important first step to investigating any possible negligence that might have occurred while they were playing. If your suspicions are correct, you may be able to receive compensation for your loss.


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