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If you’ve been in a traumatic accident, you know how serious the consequences of another’s actions can be. If you’ve sustained a spinal cord injury, you understand that a few moments can truly change your life – and not necessarily for the better.

Some people are able to recover almost completely from a spinal cord injury, and others will be paralyzed for the rest of their lives. In either case, you will need intensive care and treatment for a sustained period of time. Emergency services and around-the-clock medical care do not come cheap. To pursue the resources you need to survive, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit with an experienced Hawaii spinal cord injury attorney.

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Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

More than half of all spine injuries are the result of preventable causes, the most common of which are:

At Davis Levin Livingston, we want to make sure the individual who caused your accident understands the impact of their actions and takes responsibility for the suffering they caused. We also want to equip you with the tools you need to move forward.

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

When your spine suffers any kind of trauma, your vertebrae can fracture or dislocate. When this displaced spinal material makes contact with your spinal cord, a “spinal cord injury” can occur. In most cases, the spinal cord is not completely severed. Instead, your fractured or compressed vertebrae can damage axons, which are responsible for communicating signals from the spinal cord to the rest of your body.

Complete vs. Incomplete Spine Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be complete or incomplete, and their severity can be ranked by the American Spinal Cord Injury Association (ASIA) impairment scale.

  • A complete spinal cord injury will halt function below the level of injury. You will not have any feeling below the first damaged section of your spinal cord, nor will you be able to move any parts of the body below this point. Both sides of your body will be equally affected.
  • An incomplete spinal cord injury allows some function below the primary level of injury. You may be able to move certain limbs or have sensations in parts of the body that you cannot move. One side of your body may also be less affected than the other.

Your spinal cord injury may also be described by ASIA grading:

  • ASIA A is a complete spinal cord injury with no preservation of sensory or motor function.
  • ASIA B is a sensory incomplete injury with complete motor function loss.
  • ASIA C is a motor incomplete injury in which less than half of your muscles function.
  • ASIA D is a motor incomplete injury in which at least half of your muscles function.
  • ASIA E indicates full sensory and motor recovery after an initial spinal cord injury.

No matter where your injury falls on the scale, you are entitled to justice. Get in touch with our Hawaii spinal cord injury attorneys today. 

What Are My Treatment Options?

Spinal cord injuries are initially treated in the emergency room. Improvements in acute treatment have made complete spinal cord injuries less common and decreased damage at the time of injury. Additionally, many spinal cord injuries are exacerbated by swelling, which has been diminished by urgent steroidal treatment at the time of the initial injury. Occasionally, when the swelling of the spinal cord goes down, patients regain some functioning after days, weeks, or even months.

Unfortunately, researchers and medical professionals have not yet found a cure for spinal cord injuries. Aggressive treatment and rehabilitation can minimize damage to the nervous system and help restore limited abilities, but few individuals recover full function.

The Long-Lasting Effects of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries dramatically affect the quality of life of an individual.

Medical attention may be required for the rest of a person’s life if the injury is severe enough to cause paralysis. Whether the paralysis is temporary or permanent, the physical therapy, medical attention, and other expenses associated with the accident will have to be paid for by someone. 

Hiring a spinal cord injury attorney in Hawaii, like those at Davis Levin Livingston, will help you get the compensation needed to cover the expenses for this type of traumatic injury. The length of treatment can range anywhere from a few weeks to the rest of a person’s life.

A spinal cord injury can cause both physical and emotional distress. The mental and emotional effects of such an accident can be just as debilitating as the injuries a person receives. While the compensation received on behalf of the victim may not take away their pain and suffering, it does offer them the knowledge that they do not have to worry about paying for their treatment.

Remember: You Are Not Alone

At least 250,000 people in the United States are living with spinal cord injuries. Every year, approximately 17,000 new injuries emerge. Countless organizations, tools, and treatments are available to those affected.

Access to some of these resources, however, can be expensive. That’s why our Hawaii spinal injury attorneys at Davis Levin Livingston wants to help you file a lawsuit.

By seeking damages on your behalf, our lawyers can help you obtain financial security. You deserve access to every available opportunity as you adjust to life with a spinal cord injury, and we can help you get it. With over 160 years of collective legal experience, our firm can build your case and increase your chances of maximum compensation.

To get started, call (808) 740-0633 to schedule a free consultation with a spinal cord injury lawyer in Hawaii.

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  • Mark Davis and Mike Livingston have been recognized as some of the best lawyers in Hawaii.
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    After doing extensive research I knew that Davis Levin Livingston was the firm for me due to the success they have had in cases like mine. What surprised me was their personal touch. In the 3
    - Anthony