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Loretta Sheehan & Clare Connors Praised for Steadiness Amid Legal Chaos


In Hawaii, the case of Louis and Katherine Kealoha has circulated throughout all news groups, headlines, and social media feeds. According to investigations, Louis Kealoha and his wife, Katherine, were tied up in a federal drug distribution while he was serving as Honolulu’s police chief and she was acting as a Honolulu city prosecutor. The story has been enough to stir up controversy, scandals, and general legal chaos throughout Hawaii as people look for the truth.

However, there are some who stand firmly and professionally as the scandal rages on. The Star Advertiser, a popular local publication across the islands, recently gave high praise to Attorney Loretta Sheehan of Davis Levin Livingston and newly-appointed Hawaii Attorney General Clare Connors, formerly of the same firm, for keeping level-heads despite all that is going on.

Louis was provided a $250,000 severance settlement after being forced out of his position due to the criminal charges. He is also attempted to use taxpayer money to pay for his criminal defense representation, despite the matter being outside what most would expect tax dollars to cover. Attorney Sheehan, who has a background as a federal prosecutor and now pursues justice on behalf of those who have been harmed by medical negligence, did not hesitate to raise eyebrows and questions about the various shades of gray that surround both the severance amount and the continued effort to collect taxpayer money to defend the criminally accused.

Clare Connors has gone unblinkingly forward in her role as Hawaii Attorney General, too. Appointed recently on January 3rd, 2019, she has taken immediate strides to ensure justice is being carried out in the state. She asked the Hawaii Supreme Court to suspend Keith Kaneshiro, another Honolulu City Prosecutor embroiled in the widespread Keahola case, pending his own federal investigation. Kaneshiro made no signs of stepping down after a December 2018 petition signed by hundreds asked for his removal from his office.

For more information about these ongoing stories, you can click here to view the full Star Advertiser article by Lee Cataluna praising Loretta Sheehan and Clare Connors. (Login or subscription information may be required.) To learn more about these outstanding legal professionals, please feel free to contact Davis Levin Livingston. You can also call our firm at (808) 740-0633 to request a no-cost initial consultation with our Hawaii birth injury lawyers about a claim of your own.