The Dangerous Side Effects of Accutane (Part B)

Accutane and the Risk of Side Effects
While Accutane has provided positive results in clearing acne, there have been some dangerous side effects reported. These side effects can lead to a serious Accutane injury.
An Accutane injury comes in many forms, including: 
  • inflammatory bowel disease;
  • depression;
  • suicidal tendencies;
  • low white blood cell count;
  • birth defects;
  • miscarriages;
  • seizures;
  • stroke;
  • back pain;
  • heart attack;
  • joint pain;
  • bone loss;
  • vision problems;
  • aggressive behavior;
  • psychosis;
  • liver damage;
  • anaphylaxis; and
  • allergic vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels).
If you have experienced an Accutane injury in one of the many forms listed above, you may be eligible to file an Accutane lawsuit in Honolulu. A Honolulu defective product lawyer can help prove that your use of the drug led directly to your injuries. In addition, your Honolulu defective product lawyer can seek damages on your behalf, to cover costly medical bills, lost time at work and even mental strife.
Accutane and the Risk of Birth Defects
Another serious side effect of Accutane is birth defects. Since the FDA has required Accutane’s manufacturer to include a warning on the box concerning the risks, a doctor should be aware of these side effects before prescribing the medication.
A doctor should not prescribe this medication to a pregnant woman without informing her of the risks, including the possibility of a birth defect. In addition, if a patient were to become pregnant, a doctor should advise her to stop taking the medication.
What to Do After an Accutane Injury in Honolulu
If a doctor fails to inform a patient about the risks of taking Accutane, that doctor may be held liable for medical negligence. A Honolulu defective product lawyer will speak with you about your conversations with your healthcare provider, and if the proper Accutane warnings were extended during your appointments.
If you have experienced an Accutane injury, you should contact a Honolulu defective product lawyer. In addition to filing your Accutane lawsuit in Honolulu, your Honolulu defective product lawyer will gather the necessary evidence to support your case, and fight for a favorable settlement offer.
Contacting a Honolulu Defective Product Lawyer
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