Trip to Dentist Turns Tragic for Windward Oahu Girl

dental malpracticeThe service provided by injury lawyers to the victims of medical or dental malpractice is crucial. After all, when a doctor is allowed to get away with repeated errors that endanger the lives of their patients, they should face legal consequences.

Recent Case of Dental Malpractice

According to a report on Wednesday, December 11, 2013, a young Hawai’i resident had a horrifying experience while visiting her local dentist that will leave her and her family’s lives forever changed. The report states that the three-year-old girl went in to her local dentist in Kailua, Oahu, for a routine procedure on December 3rd 2013. However, the routine procedure soon turned dire.

The healthy, bright, outgoing little girl who went into the dentist all smiles and giggles was apparently given too much anesthesia and sedatives during her dental procedure. As a result, the child went into cardiac arrest and ended up in critical condition at Kapiolani Medical Center with severe brain damage. The end result of the error is a child who will never be the same. According to friends and family, the dentist who performed the little girl’s procedure was Dr. Lilly Geyer who practiced at Island Dentistry in the Kailua Professional Center. Currently, the family is seeking legal representation and plans to pursue legal action against the responsible parties.

The tragic case outlined above is just one example of a professional injuring a patient and forever changing the course of their life from that point on. Thankfully, the diligent work of medical malpractice attorneys has allowed the families and victims to hold these professionals accountable for their mistakes. Fortunately, the incident outlined above is rare. Sadly, there are many medical errors that aren’t so uncommon.

Common Types of Medical Errors

  • Surgical errors: This is another common area of mistakes in the medical field. Examples of errors in this category include performing the wrong procedure on a patient, operating on or amputating the wrong limb or leaving items like surgical instruments or sponges inside the patient.
  • Birth injuries: This type of medical accident occurs when either an obstetrician or someone on their team injury an infant during either the pregnancy or the process of labor and delivery. Brain development problems, hearing or vision deficits, neurological problems or cardiac or respiratory problems are often the end result of these kinds of mistakes.

The case involving the young girl who sadly will never regain her life in its fullest extent is just one of many examples of the medical and dental errors that occur on a regular basis. If you or someone you love have experienced a similar incident, contact a highly qualified malpractice attorney at Davis Levin Livingston today.

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