Sexual Abuse Lawsuits against Penn State Likely

The main focus for most of these lawsuits will remain Penn State, the University where Sandusky enjoyed a glorious carrier as assistant coach of one of the most successful football teams in the country.  Joe Paterno, the legendary coach at Penn State who was recently fired from his position, is also like to be named in many of the lawsuits.  Paterno was criticized for failing to do more than he did when he was informed that Sandusky had molested a young boy. 

Other possible high-ranking defendants could be Penn State President Graham Spanier and athletic director Tim Curley.  Both men are also being investigated for their failure to bring Sandusky’s sexual abuse of boys to the attention of authorities.

In fact, Hawaii sexual abuse lawyers expect that more details of the actual extent of the abuse will only come out during the civil lawsuits.  Considering that the abuse occurred over a period of 15 years, it is more than likely that there are other victims who have remained silent, fearful of the repercussions of going against the influential Sandusky, thus far.

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