Student Killed in Hawaii Pedestrian Accident

There is nothing that this pedestrian seems to have been doing wrong.  She was walking in a marked and designated crosswalk that had several pedestrian crossing signs to warn drivers.  Moreover, the crossing had flashing lights that can be activated to let drivers know that pedestrians are on the crosswalk.  In spite of all this, the girl was hit by a car being driven by a motorist who simply drove on after the collision, not even bothering to stop to offer the pedestrian any aid.

Most pedestrian accidents that Hawaii car accident lawyers come across are the result of motorists’ failure to look out for people walking on a crosswalk, or crossing the road at an intersection.; What makes these accidents even more devastating is that victims have so little protection cushioning them from serious injuries.  There are no helmets to protect pedestrians from a serious traumatic brain injury, and even a moderate-impact accident can be severe enough to throw a pedestrian dozens of feet away from the point of impact.

All motorists must look out for pedestrians near crosswalks and near busy intersections where there are likely to be more pedestrians.  It’s even more important to look out for pedestrians near college campuses, schools and other areas with pedestrian-heavy traffic.

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