Surgical Errors or Mistakes

Despite the image of surgeons as the top performers of the medical world, the doctors that perform surgeries are still human – prone to making mistakes and prone to negligence. The fact is, surgical errors happen more often than most people realize. Unfortunately, it is the patients that bear the consequences of these errors, errors which can lead to lifelong injuries, further medical complications and even death.

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Types Of Surgical Mistakes

There is a lot that goes into the typical surgery, which means there is also a lot that can go wrong. Some common types of surgical errors include:

It is disturbing to realize just how easy it is for a surgeon and his or her support staff to make life-threatening errors in the operating room. Every time you go into surgery, you are at risk. Even though you expect the best from your medical care provider you never know whether those treating you will do their job correctly or not.

Surgical Error Causes

Patients like to think that their medical care providers, particularly their surgeons, are always on-point – acting as seasons professionals, doing everything right. But this is not always the case. Your doctor and the others in the operating room may be tired, intoxicated, careless, willfully negligent or poorly trained. Any of this factors can lead to mistakes, regardless of how helpless you are on the operating table.

There may also be systemic issues that lead to surgical errors, such as hospitals that fail to maintain safety standards, or medical care providers that force staff to work longer than they should, or without adequate support. Even if the doctor is doing everything right, the employer may be creating an environment where mistakes are more prone to occur.

How To Tell If Your Doctor Made An Error

The reality of surgery is that you, as a patient, often have very little insight into whether anything went wrong. It is only once a surgeon or other medical care provider tells you that a mistake was made that you can be certain. However, you do have awareness of your body and your general health. You know better than anyone how you feel.

It is normal for there to be some down time after even a minor surgery, so it may take some time to realize if you are recovering from the original problem. But if you do not start feeling better when you should, or do not see the results that were promised to you, there is a possibility that something was not done as it should have been done.

Sometimes surgical errors will be obvious. If you are the victim of an incorrect amputation, the mistake is readily apparent. But if you are the victim of something more subtle, you may need to visit another doctor to find out what your current condition is. Getting a second opinion – especially if you suspect your doctor or surgeon made a mistake, is always advisable.

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If you suspect that you or a loved one was the victim of a surgical error, the first step should always be to see another doctor for a second opinion. Once you have been looked after by a medical professional, your next step should be to contact a medical malpractice attorney. There is no excuse for a surgical error due to doctor negligence. The repercussions to your health may be substantial and long lasting.

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