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What is Hypoxia?


Hypoxia is one type of birth injury that could lead an individual to file a claim. A birth injury attorney can evaluate your case to determine if you have a valid claim that is worth pursuing.

Hypoxia is a type of brain injury that results from a lack of oxygen. There may be a number of causes for oxygen to be limited or cut off, some of which may be a result of medical negligence. This could lead you to file a birth injury claim.

Hypoxia is also known as ischemic brain injury and if it is not properly diagnosed or treated, it could lead to permanent brain damage and even death. Therefore, doctors should know the signs to look for which may indicate a baby could possibly suffer from this type of serious birth injury.

Some of the signs in both the mother and the baby that may indicate the risk of hypoxia include:

  • hypertension;
  • preeclampsia;
  • diabetes;
  • decreased movement from baby; and
  • growth problems.

Fetal distress indicates a potential problem; therefore, the doctor has a duty to ensure appropriate measures are taken in order to prevent any injuries. If there is a failure to do this, the doctor can be held legally liable for your child’s injuries.

If your baby has suffered from hypoxia and you believe it was the result of medical negligence, you should consult with a birth injury attorney today. They will look into charts and medical records to see if this birth injury could have been prevented and will also assist you with filing your claim.

Contacting a Birth Injury Attorney

After a birth injury, you should be able to spend your time focusing on your child’s recovery; not dealing with insurance adjusters, never-ending paperwork and complicated legalese. Davis Levin Livingston will fight for your rights while you focus on your child’s healing. Contact us today for a free case evaluation by calling (808) 740-0633.