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IPads Help Children with Cerebral Palsy to Communicate


Parents of children who suffer from cerebral palsy are finding that their children’s development and education can receive a much-needed boost with Apple’s iPad tablets. In fact, tablets are making an entrance at several schools around the country that help children with special needs.

The devices have become extremely popular with people who help special needs children because they can be customized to suit a child’s needs. In fact, many educators believe that the iPad is a great equalizer in the education of special needs children.

Children who suffer from cerebral palsy can feel left out of a conventional education environment. IPads can help bridge the gap by allowing children with cerebral palsy to be part of a high-tech school environment.

Besides their customizability, the iPad is also popular because it is lightweight and simple for children with cerebral palsy to use. The mobile devices can be carried around the home. Moreover, the touchscreens are alluring, and help children with special needs to color, play games, compose music, and perform a number of activities with a mere pat on the screen.

Educators have been noticing subtle, but significant changes in children with cerebral palsy who use iPads. They have been able to spot specific interest, like love for music after the child began using the tablet. Additionally, the devices have been linked to development in social skills. I-pads with speech recognition apps help children who have writing difficulties. Children with finger dexterity problems also find the iPad easy to operate.