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Who is At Fault for Honolulu Surfing Accidents?


For many people, it’s a dream to go on vacation somewhere near the ocean. And for a lot of those people, the next logical move is to go surfing. But surfing isn’t easy, and it isn’t always safe. Besides dramatic things that could go wrong — such as a shark attack- other things can also throw even an experienced surfer off their game such as dolphins, Jellyfish, or other surfers. And of course, there are the waves themselves.

Inexperienced Surfers Heighten Accident Risk

While natives might acquire the skills needed to navigate these dangers, those from out of town often just don’t know better, and it is up to their hosts to give them proper warning when it comes to which areas are unsafe, and when weather conditions present extra hazards. Any sponsored surfing event should be supervised by a lifeguard, and new surfers should be instructed in basic safety training before heading into the water.

Do Hotels Direct Visitors to the Training They Need?

Experienced surfers may know all the proper surfing etiquette, but areas near hotels may be more dangerous because there are so many beginners trying to soak up as much knowledge and experience as they can during their short visit. Not only should nearby hotels provide resources for instruction, but they should also be prepared to see that visitors are properly treated for common surfing injuries such as lacerations and concussions. These injuries left untreated can carry more problems later on such as the risk of infection or brain function.

Visitors aren’t the only ones that may be endangered by extra surfing activity sponsored by a local hotel. A sudden influx of inexperienced surfers can increase the chance of the most skilled surfer being cut off and injured.

If you notice any of these signs either during or after your surfing vacation, it is wise to contact a personal injury lawyer to help determine whether you were presented with the information you needed before heading out to the sea.

Insurance Policies Fall Short

Some believe that their own health insurance, or travel insurance they purchased for a trip will fully cover their injuries, but sometimes a surfing injury can have more complex consequences than a person may originally believe. Some of these injuries may go beyond physical injuries such as cuts or broken bones, and the psychological trauma of the event can wind up presenting a real blockade for a person trying to lead a full life.

Insurance compensation alone also does not always consider long term affects of injuries, such as lost wages, future earning potential, or additional care expenses that you might incur during the injury recovery period. In addition to the financial compensation you may receive by filing a personal injury case after a surfing or other injury, it is important to follow through with these suits because it sends a message about the importance of businesses and individuals to take the proper precautions to keep others safe. Don’t let someone else’s negligence cost you more than it already has. Talk with a personal injury attorney to assure that your injury gets the attention and compensation it deserves.