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Golf Course Injuries


Since golf is a singular sport and is not particularly physical, few people ever think about the potential injuries golfers can face. In fact, injuries including those from overturned golf carts, unexpected defects in a golf course, injuries from being struck by golf balls are a few of the possible injuries one can get on a golf course.

Not everyone practices good etiquette

According to the United States Golf Association (USGA,), basic etiquette includes paying attention to possible dangers before you hit a ball. Most golf courses have specific rules including golfers calling “fore” when they are about to hit a ball, especially if there are bystanders or other golfers who may be struck by a ball. While this may not be a “hard and fast” rule, golf courses do have an obligation to ensure that whenever possible, they minimize the risks to both those who are watching a golf match and other golfers.

Imperfections in course

Golf courses require a great deal of maintenance. Not only do owners want their course looking beautiful to attract golfers, but stand traps, holes and other areas also need maintenance. Trees must be carefully trimmed and cared for, especially after storms to ensure that limbs that might be loosened are removed. Other imperfections including holes caused by golfers teeing off, animals burrowing and naturally occurring erosion must also be part of a thorough maintenance program.

When things go wrong

When a golf course owner fails to properly maintain the golf course, clubhouse and golf carts they may be liable for a variety of injuries under Hawaii’s premise liability laws. Some examples include:

  • Golf balls – while owners are often not liable for injuries caused by a stray golf ball if there are conditions on the course that create a clear danger to other golfers or those who are watching a match they may be held liable
  • Golf carts – poorly maintained golf carts can overturn, operators could lose control because of poorly maintained brakes, etc. Golf course owners may be responsible for injuries if maintenance is not done properly and on a regular schedule
  • Course hazards – while some hazards occur naturally on golf courses, uneven grounds caused by erosion, flooding or protruding stones, falling limbs, etc. can cause slip and fall injuries that could result in broken bones, head or back injuries or other serious injuries

While not every injury that occurs on a golf course is a result of poor maintenance, failure to warn course users of hazards or other types of negligence, can mean an owner could face a personal injury lawsuit. There are so many injuries one can suffer including long-term back problems, crushing injuries, drowning or loss of vision that it is important to determine if someone else is at fault. Keep in mind, under premise liability policies, golf course owners are responsible if you are injured as a result of their failure to properly maintain their property or their failure to warn course users of potential dangers. Contacting a personal injury attorney today will result in someone reviewing your case to determine liability. Should the golf course owner be found liable, we can help you get compensation for your medical bills, prescription costs and time lost from work while you recuperate from your injuries.