Will my insurance rates go up if I use my uninsured motorist coverage?

You don’t need to worry about your insurance rates going up if your use your uninsured motorist coverage following a Honolulu car accident. The underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage is considered optional additional coverage on your car insurance policy.
It is against Hawaii law for an insurance company to negatively impact your rates if you file a claim involving any of your optional additional coverages, such as uninsured motorist coverage. Because this coverage is optional, not all drivers carry it. It would be unethical to those who chose the optional protection to also be penalized with rate increases if they choose to use it.
Uninsured motorist coverage is a very good idea to add to your car insurance policy. This coverage protects you from the problems that can occur if you are involved in a Honolulu car accident with a driver with inadequate insurance or a hit and run driver who is never identified.
If you are involved in a Honolulu car accident with a driver who did not carry the Hawaii state minimum of $20,000/$40,000 you may find yourself unable to pay your medical bills. Carrying uninsured motorist coverage will allow you to file a claim for damages without worrying about your own insurance rates going up.
After a serious Honolulu car accident, you should be able to spend your time focusing on your recovery; not dealing with insurance adjustors, never-ending paperwork and complicated legalese. Hawaii attorneys Davis Levin Livingston will fight for your rights while you focus on healing. Serving accident victims on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, Kauai and beyond. Contact us today for a free case evaluation – 1-866-806-4349.
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