Honolulu Car Accident Cases and Information

Hawai’i Crosswalk Laws

You may think choosing to cross at an official crosswalk will keep you safe from an accident on Hawaii’s busy roadways, but we have one of the worst records in the nation for pedestrian accidents and fatalities.  According to the

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Decreased Use of Child Seats in Hawai’i Troubling

Studies have shown that compliance with Hawaii’s child restraint law is dropping. Unfortunately, this leads to an increased risk of injury for children all over the state. In addition, because child restraints are required by law, drivers who do not

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Dangerous Roads of Maui

With its stunning vistas, Maui serves as a vacation paradise for millions of visitors each year. But the trip of a lifetime can turn tragic for those who fall prey to Maui’s extremely dangerous roads. Among the scariest roads in

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Obtaining an Accident Report in Honolulu

Under Hawaii law, any driver who is involved in an accident where the apparent damage to the other car exceeds $3,000 or when any person involved in the accident is apparently injured must report the accident to the police department

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Ride Sharing and Car Sharing Accidents: What To Know

For generations if we wanted to get around by car, we had three options: buy one, rent one, or call a taxi. And in each of those cases, if we were involved in a car accident there was a fairly

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Distracted Driving Accident: How an Attorney Can Help

The number of traffic accidents involving inattentive drivers on cell phones is increasing. Recently, several pedestrian deaths were caused by such accidents. When one of these accidents happens, the aftermath can be overwhelming for the survivors. There are mountains of

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Company Found Liable For Not Having Seatbelts On Bus

Seat belts are supposed to save lives in automobile collisions.  Numerous studies have consistently proven that the chances of surviving a car crash are greater if the victim is wearing a seatbelt than if the victim is not.  Studies were

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Receiving Compensation for Spinal Cord Injuries

Any vehicle accident is traumatic. Most people do not even realize they have an injury until it’s too late. A person involved in a small fender bender may believe they have not received any injuries, when in fact the contrary

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Honolulu Moped Accidents

With concerns about gas prices and the environment, mopeds have become more popular in recent years. Since they typically only travel around 30 mph, they are not allowed on interstate highways. For this reason, mopeds are particularly popular in residential

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Bus Accidents in Honolulu

 Riding the bus is a cost effective and convenient way for many people to get around Honolulu, and often riding the bus is lauded as a safe travel option. Overall, injuries from bus crashes across the United state has shown a steady decline between 1988 and 2008, still in 2008, 24,000 people were hurt or killed in bus related crashes. But not all bus related personal injuries involve crashes. There are also a number of ways riders and drivers can be injured on a bus when no notable accident has taken place. This raises the question as to whether Honolulu bus accidents are actually occurring more often than statistics suggest.

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