Damages Awarded in a Hawaii Personal Injury Claim Settlement

It’s impossible to guarantee a settlement value for a Hawaii personal injury claim until a settlement offer has been accepted. There are many factors that go into determining a settlement amount and the amount will differ for every case even if the accidents had similar circumstances.
As the victim of a Hawaii personal injury accident you are entitled to seek damages for your losses and suffering due to the negligence of another. There are many common types of damages your claim may seek including:
  • Current and future lost wages;
  • Current and future medical expenses;
  • Property damages; and
  • Pain and suffering.
The first 3 types of damages listed above are known as economic damages and can usually be proven and estimated using official documentation such as medical bills and past tax statements. Pain and suffering is known as non-economic damages, because there’s no tangible evidence to present to claim these amounts.
Pain and suffering damages are awarded to you and your family for the emotional and mental damages that result from a serious injury accident. Loss of enjoyment of life, stress during recovery, and the time taken out of your daily life to deal with the claim are all compensated for in this type of damage claim.
When you are considering filing a Hawaii personal injury claim to recover damages from your injuries, you should knowhow the value of your Hawaii personal injury claim is estimated.  Our article explains the estimation process and why having a Hawaii personal injury attorney on your side can help you during the claims process.
After a serious accident in Hawaii, you should be able to spend your time focusing on your recovery; not dealing with insurance adjusters, never-ending paperwork and complicated legalese. Hawaii attorneys Davis Levin Livingston will fight for your rights while you focus on healing. Serving accident victims on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, Kauai and beyond. Contact us today for a free case evaluation – 866-806-4349.
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