Unregulated Bus Inspection Services Increase Accident Risks

Commercial motor carriers need to be inspected regularly, in order to ensure that they are properly maintained, and fit to ply our highways.  Hawaii bus accident lawyers have been concerned at a recent slew of bus accidents that are being linked to inadequate inspections performed by private bus inspection services.

Many tour bus companies use bus inspection services, and unfortunately, because the federal administration doesn’t regulate these companies, there’s very little to prevent inadequately inspected buses from ending up on the road.

In recent years, there have been a number of fatal bus accidents in Texas, Mississippi and Illinois. The Associated Press has conducted an investigation, and found that all these accidents were linked to inadequate inspections conducted by independent bus inspection companies and private garages.

Under federal laws, bus companies must get their buses inspected every year.  The administration however gives companies the choice of getting their buses inspected by the state government, or by private bus service companies.  In some cases, the companies themselves conduct inspections.  The standards for inspections are quite low.  In some states, passing a roadside bus inspection can be enough to certify the buses as being safe, as long as the inspection has taken place in the previous 12 months.

Several states have no standards on inspections at all, leaving it to the companies themselves to decide when to get inspections conducted.  Additionally, any private bus inspection services are not subjected to any regulation.

That failure to regulate inspection companies and private garages has been linked to at least one fatal accident in Texas.  In that accident in 2008, a bus taking Vietnamese Catholic passengers to a retreat flipped over on a highway on the way to Missouri, and killed 17 people.  Just a week earlier, the bus had been put through an inspection by a private company, and had been deemed fit for the highway.


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