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Feds Target Impaired Truck, Bus Drivers

Summer is when thousands of vacationing Hawaiians and tourists are likely to share highway space with truck and bus drivers. The federal administration recently launched a crackdown on truck and bus drivers driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The annual crackdown lasted between April 30 and May 11. Hundreds of truck and bus driver were pulled over, and their safety records analyzed.

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Focus on Truck Driver Health Can Mitigate Accident Risks

Every year, hundreds of truck accidents in Hawaii can be traced to driver error, and many of these are the result of an unhealthy, fatigued driver at the wheel, or a driver who suffers a medical condition, like a heart attack while driving.  When the driver of an 80,000-pound tractor trailer goes into a diabetic coma or suffers a stroke at the wheel, the consequences for motorists in the vicinity can be devastating.

This is the reason why trucking companies around the country are now beginning to focus their attention on boosting truck driver health.  The goal is to not only reduce insurance premiums and cut down on medical costs, but also reduce the possibility of liability after an accident.  

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